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The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council promotes a tourism experience along Interstate 40 and Interstate 27 in the Texas Panhandle that combines western heritage, Route 66 nostalgia, outdoor majesty (including the nation's second largest canyon), an exhilarating arts community, along with over 6000 hotel rooms. The Amarillo high plains are also an appealing site for meetings, sporting events and other special activities.
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The experienced Amarillo CVC Services Team can assist meeting planners, tour operators and all sporting groups from equestrian events to motocross, with information on tours and special events. No matter if you are searching for youth activities, spousal programs, shopping, sporting activities or dining, you can rely on our expert destination advice and implementation.
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CVB Services

Establishes itinerary for planner: Based on Size
Provides airfare to destination site: Based on Size
Confirms hotel appointments and accommodations, and arranges for on-site transportation: Based on Size
Accompanies planner on hotel and destination venue site visits: Based on Size
Provides recommendations to planner and sends leads to CVB members providing group related services: destination management companies (DMCs), transportation companies, restaurants, golf courses, other meeting related service providers: Always
Exhibitor programs: familiarization trips, education, sites for ICW: Always
Local contacts: political, education, industry: Always
Connections for social responsibility projects: Always
Connections to local media: Always
Maps and general destination information: Always
Small logoed promotional items: Always
Customized landing page or link on destination website: Based on Size
Destination video: Always
Assist with sponsorship from local companies that partner with groups for exposure during the meeting: Based on Size
Destination representative to promote next year's meeting: Based on Size
Destination materials to promote next year's meeting: Always
Registration support: Based on Size
Meet and greet services: Based on Size
Welcome desk/hospitality: Based on Size
Local signage and banners: airport, downtown, etc.: Based on Size

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