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The Sales staff at Visit Baltimore has a proven track record for its high caliber service and assistance for organizations, meeting planners and individuals hosting an event in the Baltimore region. From organizing venue inspections to connecting our clients to the right resources, our Sales staff is standing by to ensure your event is a success. In addition to meeting planning assistance, the Visit Baltimore team also serves as an ambassador for Baltimore with a presence at various trade shows and presentations across the country.
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Kim Allison
Associate Director of Sales
Market: 1201+
Territory: Mid-Atlantic (DC, MD, VA)
Location: Virginia
Amy Calvert
Senior Vice President of Convention Sales & Services
Location: Same as DMO
Aurelia Welsh
Director of National Sales and Convention Services
Location: Same as DMO
call me410-659-7017
Eric Masterton
Director of Tour, Travel, and Training
Market: Group Tour, Reunions, Weddings
Location: Same as DMO
Kat Taylor
National Sales Manager
Market: 10-150, Mid-Atlantic / 10-500, Multi-Cultural, Religious, International
Territory: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest
Location: Same as DMO
Laurie Nelson-Choice
Director of Diversity and National Sales
Market: 501+ Multi-Cultural, Religious / 1201+ Government/Union
Territory: Mid-Atlantic (DC, MD, VA)
Location: Virginia
Sally Sutera
Regional Director of Sales
Territory: Northeast
Location: New York