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Experience Columbia SC is your best first option when considering a meeting or event in the Columbia region. Our experienced sales professionals are ready to make your planning process effortless. And as always, our services are complimentary to meeting planners.
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Jason Outman
Executive Director
Location: Same as DMO
Everyday is a beautiful day in Famously Hot Columbia, SC!
Crystal Morris
Executive Sales Manager
Market: Trade, Manufacturing & Distribution, Agricultural, Cultural & Fine Arts, Hobby & Vocational, Industry Events, Sports & Recreation
Location: Same as DMO
Dee Simons
Sales Manager
Market: Educational, Government, Military, Labor Unions, Environmental, Heritage & Patriotic
Location: Same as DMO
Scott Powers
Executive Director, Columbia SC Sports
Market: Sport Events
Location: Same as DMO
Taylor Wilks
Sales Manager
Location: Same as DMO
Twila Jones
Senior Sales Manager
Market: Religious, Multicultural & Ethnic Groups
Location: Same as DMO