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Visit El Paso is responsible for destination marketing for the City of El Paso and includes Convention Development and Meeting Planning Services; Tourism Development to include management of three Visitor Information Centers, as well as advertising and media relations. El Paso Live is responsible for venue and event management for City of El Paso-owned venues: Judson F. Williams Convention Center, Abraham Chavez Theatre, Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre, Cohen Stadium, and McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater & Pavilion. Each operating division is represented as a brand with its own website and social media presence.
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CVB Services | Destination El Paso

Visit El Paso's professional Servicing Department is on hand to assist you once you have selected El Paso as your meeting destination. We look forward to working with you and your staff to ensure your meeting is a success. Below is a list of our CVB Services:
Symbols Legend Always Based on Size Fee Based N/A

CVB Services

Establishes itinerary for planner: Always
Provides airfare to destination site: Based on Size
Confirms hotel appointments and accommodations, and arranges for on-site transportation: Always
Accompanies planner on hotel and destination venue site visits: Always
Provides recommendations to planner and sends leads to CVB members providing group related services: destination management companies (DMCs), transportation companies, restaurants, golf courses, other meeting related service providers: Always
Exhibitor programs: familiarization trips, education, sites for ICW: Based on Size
Local contacts: political, education, industry: Always
Connections for social responsibility projects: Always
Connections to local media: Always
Maps and general destination information: Always
Small logoed promotional items: Based on Size
Customized landing page or link on destination website: Based on Size
Destination video: Always
Assist with sponsorship from local companies that partner with groups for exposure during the meeting: Based on Size
Destination representative to promote next year's meeting: Based on Size
Destination materials to promote next year's meeting: Always
Registration support: Based on Size
Meet and greet services: Based on Size
Welcome desk/hospitality: Based on Size
Local signage and banners: airport, downtown, etc.: Based on Size

Additional Comments:

Speaking Of El Paso ...

"I really appreciated the entire Convention and Visitors Bureau for all the help the many people gave to me while I was organizing this convention from 1,500 miles away. I couldn't have done it without all of you! Our group holds a convention in a different city in the United States every year and in comparing notes with other convention chairmen, I realize that the El Paso CVB is really unique. Nobody else had the support and help you gave me in El Paso."

Sandy Lawrence Fan Association of North America

"Thanks for all the help, your agency was so needed for our event! Everyone was so helpful. The convention was a huge success due to the Bureau's assistance."

National Pan American Gold Association

"Finding a city in which to hold our annual week-long international juggling festival is not an easy task. Our list of requirements is long and fairly ridiculous, and we have a sharp focus on affordability along with the need for several high-quality venues, all in a compact, walk-able area. The Visit El Paso team performed a minor miracle for us in offering the right mix of affordability, accessibility and world-class venues in a beautiful international city."

Mike Sullivan Future Festival Site Coordinator International Jugglers Association

"TACVB loves El Paso! We love it so much we've held two annual conferences there within the last 5 years. If you're looking for a unique Texas destination with stellar support and service, look no further than El Paso. The city offers beautiful scenery, a walkable downtown, amazing venues, and food that is second to none. The El Paso team provides an experience that is memorable and fun for our attendees, as well as making things easy for staff as the meeting planner. We'll definitely be back soon!"

Sarah Page CEO Texas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus