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Our dedicated and passionate CVB Sales Staff is able to offer customized help and the professional assistance you need. We're excited to welcome you to Little Rock, and are as dedicated to the success of your event as you are! We're proud of our proven track record in offering the highest-caliber services and assistance possible.
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Gina Gemberling
Vice President of Sales & Services
Location: Same as DMO
Bliss Krucas
Director of State and National Accounts
Market: State Association and Corporate
Location: Same as DMO
Bob Steel
Tourism Development Manager
Market: Local Outreach
Location: Same as DMO
David Russell
Senior Director of Sports Sales
Market: Sports
Location: Same as DMO
Kasey Summerville
Director of National Accounts
Market: Multi-cultural, Religious
Location: Same as DMO
Katina Brown
Destinations Services Specialist and Brand Trainer
Market: Reunions & Weddings
Location: Same as DMO
Kayla Kesterson
Sales Manager
Market: Hobby, Vocational, Fraternal
Location: Same as DMO
Kiki Mannear
Sales Manager
Market: Tourism
Location: Same as DMO
Marilyn Koehler
Senior Director of National Accounts
Market: National Associations, Corporate, 3rd Party
Territory: West
Location: Same as DMO
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