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Our expert CVB Sales Staff is standing by to help ensure your upcoming event in NKY is seamless and well, painless as well. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do to help, and start planning the perfect experience in NKY.
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Julie Kirkpatrick, CDME
Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Location: Same as DMO
I love convincing people to take a first look at NKY in the heart of Cincinnati. We stay with people, when they stay with us.
Erin Hoebbel
Tour | Travel Manager
Market: Tour
Location: Same as DMO
My customer service belief...flat always be there for the customer. Be their voice. We are here because of them.
call me859-655-4154
Kathy Ehlman
Senior Account Manager
Market: Sports and State Associations
Location: Same as DMO
call me859-655-4171
Stefanie Wyckoff
Convention Account Manager
Territory: National
Location: Same as DMO
"Canada Rules"
call me859-655-4174
Susan Smith
Senior Account Manager
Market: Religous
Territory: East Coast
Location: Same as DMO
call me859-655-7662