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If you're planning a celebration, conference or event in Omaha, the Visit Omaha Sales team is here to support you every step of the way. The team is made up of seasoned professionals who have built strong relationships throughout the city in order to provide destination expertise and insight. You can be confident the Visit Omaha Sales team has you covered. Get in touch with them today to start the planning process.
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Cathy Keller
Vice President of Sales and Services
Location: Same as DMO
Omaha has this magnetic personality that attracts people and makes them fans for life. One visit and you’re hooked
Erin Brungardt
Director of Convention Services
Location: Same as DMO
Mark Rath
Director of Sales
Market: Sports
Location: Same as DMO
What makes Omaha so cool is that it’s a pivotal player in both agriculture and technology. People here work with their hands and their ingenuity
call me402-444-3298
Matt Heck
National Sales Manager
Territory: East Coast
Location: Same as DMO
call me402-444-4667
Mattie Scheeter, CMP
National Sales Manager
Territory: Mid West
Location: Same as DMO