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The mission of Travel Portland is to strengthen the region’s economy by marketing the metropolitan Portland region as a preferred destination for meetings, conventions and leisure travel. A private non-profit destination marketing organization with more than 750 partner businesses, Travel Portland operates a busy visitor information center, supports a climate of year-round hospitality, and helps our city, state and region reap the rewards of a thriving visitor industry. Travel Portland is accredited by the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) of the Destination Marketing Association International.
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CVB Services | Travel Portland (OR)

When you choose Portland, you can count on professional, enthusiastic assistance that starts the minute you contact us and continues through the closing session. Our complimentary CVB Services include:
Symbols Legend Always Based on Size Fee Based N/A

CVB Services

Establishes itinerary for planner: Always
Provides airfare to destination site: Based on Size
Confirms hotel appointments and accommodations, and arranges for on-site transportation: Always
Accompanies planner on hotel and destination venue site visits: Always
Provides recommendations to planner and sends leads to CVB members providing group related services: destination management companies (DMCs), transportation companies, restaurants, golf courses, other meeting related service providers: Always
Exhibitor programs: familiarization trips, education, sites for ICW: Always
Local contacts: political, education, industry: Always
Connections for social responsibility projects: Always
Connections to local media: Always
Maps and general destination information: Always
Small logoed promotional items: Based on Size
Customized landing page or link on destination website: Based on Size
Destination video: Always
Assist with sponsorship from local companies that partner with groups for exposure during the meeting: Based on Size
Destination representative to promote next year's meeting: Based on Size
Destination materials to promote next year's meeting: Always
Registration support: Based on Fee
Meet and greet services: Based on Fee
Welcome desk/hospitality: Based on Size
Local signage and banners: airport, downtown, etc.: Based on Fee

Additional Comments:

Housing (Passkey) is provided on a complimentary basis to the planner; hotels are charged for the service, however.
Speaking Of Portland ...

"Portland has it all … outstanding meeting facilities, superb transportation, easy accessibility and an awesome selection of activities for meeting attendees to do when they are not in conference sessions. It is a vibrant and beautiful city which goes out of its way to make guests feel at home."

Kenneth D. Reid, CAE Executive Vice President American Water Resources Association

"Travel Portland's customer service was fantastic. They really became an integral part of my conference team and went above and beyond to help me with event site selection, site visits, restaurant and private dining recommendations, concierge services, and local committee meetings. Their housing department personnel and services were incredibly helpful and responsive to me and my attendees. Our annual meeting attendance in Portland this year [2010] increased 32% this year over our previous year's attendance. Our attendees were delighted with Portland's restaurants, public transit and especially microbreweries! Participants were asking us before they left when we planned to return to Portland. We hope to come back very soon."

Nicole Guy Meeting Manager Microscopy Society of America

"What most impressed our attendees was Portland's free public transportation in downtown, the very low cost and convenient airport transportation (MAX rail), and tax-free shopping (I heard some went overboard and had to get extra bags and boxes to ship back their purchases). Many CVBs provide visitor info, but you do so so promptly, in depth and professionally. Travel Portland truly made my job as a meeting planner so much easier and fun."

Mayumi M. Mazur Symposium Coordinator QFD Institute